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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

In our years our experience we only have found that Email Marketing is such thing which will directly increase your revenue. We have been doing Email Marketing from past 7 years. I know that’s a long period. But we have given 100% success rate to our clients. When it comes to working with us in Email Marketing, we guarantee you that we’ll never let you down. Because here we know from top to bottom how things works. No worries if you are a SaaS product, Service company or a product company.

We also have a special data of SaaS, ISVs, System Integrators, and much data which has helped us in making our work much easier. Email Marketing will help you get high with investing low. It just not shows impact to your traffic but it also shows direct impact to your Revenue part. We have knowledge of using different tools and also in case we use our inbuilt Email Marketing software which will be going live by December 2019.

We believe in working with a planned strategy. Here we develop search strategies for large brands to small and help them to succeed. Our team runs remarkably successful search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search campaigns using a unique blend of data, technology and creativity. We have been doing SEO for a long time and we know exactly how not to drive traffic to your website but ensure this traffic has a high likelihood of converting.

There’s a lot of competition in the market and so your competitor has a greater budget for marketing than you. So, if you can’t go head-to-head with your massive competitors, how do you beat them at SEO? Because you just can’t give up on SEO because it produces some of the most sales-ready prospects out there.
We work with strategies where we just focus to rank you on the top of the page. And the best part is we don’t stick to a single strategy, we keep on focusing more outcomes and more result driven work. We’ve increased our client’s traffic in first months and results started to show in just 30 days. We believe in delivering excellent work so that our clients will help to stand straight in this competition market.

Search Engine Optimaization (SEO)


Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our specialised team helps you to bring quality prospects turn into your business revenue. We target most of the famous social media sites and high quality prospects which can be a good lead for your business.

We first learn most about the company's business nature and execute our lead generation strategies accordingly and also target the prospects accordingly. We build a rapo with the leads so that chances of getting closed get higher. We have a dedicated team sitting there to handle every responses and messages and that’s also a reason why our success rate in Lead Generation is higher.

Getting good traffic but not converting into lead? Get in touch with us.

Every user has an aim and motive when they are visiting your site and we help to convert the aim or motive into your company’s revenue. Every traffic coming to your site has a possibility of an outcome and our sales team focus here to convert your traffic into your companies revenue. We have built a highly experienced sales team of having 10+ experience. Each team member is highly dedicated in meeting their targets. We do use lots of tactics in sales and you know Sales Can’t be done from a Singly Strategy. For each user you have to change your strategy according and that’s how sales works.

We have used lots of CRM in the past and our team is all used to using most of the CRM’s. From setting up a leads to closing them our team don’t left things behind. We are focused on bringing outcomes from the most out of what we have done.

If you wanted to learn more about our sales strategies our want a consultant for your company. Contact us. We’ll be happy to assist.



Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing

We have you to build your online presence. We’ll help you to take your social media marketing strategy to next level. Most of the potential leads can be obtained from Social Media sites. As per a research it proves that people spend around 4 hours daily on the internet. We help to build your social media profiles to get more followers and more engagement in it. Social Media traffic can be converted into good leads or can be a good prospect to call. Social Media sites can drive high intent users to your site and thus we help to promote your there. On second hand I agree that we can have the bad intent traffic from there to. But Social Media is filled with a whole bunch of knowledge and things and even there are quality areas in social media from where the high intent traffic can be driven.

We help you with winning social media marketing strategies. Would you like us to audit your social media profiles. Get in touch.

We first analyse the nature of your business and suggest you to invest in the keywords which will give you higher profits. Our team is mostly dedicated towards investing lower and earning higher. We know that on the other side your competitor has the higher marketing budget and is investing on keywords heavily. But we here act smart and invest on those keywords only which has the highest outcomes. But we also don’t forget the lowest ones. We balance keywords in such a way so that the budget for it don’t go higher.

Investing higher but no outcome? Get in touch with us.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing

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